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Change that mindset!

Changing your body takes time. So does changing your mindset. Don’t sabotage your goals before you start. Check out these motivational tips for help as you work towards your goal!

Stop emotional overeating!

If you tend to overeat when emotional, it is time to address how to stop it. Take the mood out of your meals! Come up with five different actions you will take when you become overwhelmed with emotion and want to comfort yourself with food. Make a list such as: take a walk, call a friend, go pick out a new movie/book, pamper yourself, clean the house. Substitute the emotional eating with an activity that will help you cope with stress.

And as one camper told me, “It doesn’t matter if you eat the food or not… you are already feeling the emotion that made you overeat. Overindulging in the food doesn’t make that feeling of (sadness, anger, upset) go away.”

Be honest about your weight loss motivation.

While you may claim that you want to more healthy, your real reason may just be to fit into smaller jeans, get a date, look cute, etc. So if fitting into a smaller size is what’s driving you, embrace it! Hang a picture of the outfit you hope to wear someplace you can see it. If lowering your disease risk and adding years to your life is your goal, post shots of family and friends on your fridge as a reminder of what you’re working so hard for.

Deal with distractions and determine if you need some stress relief first.

Do you have the emotional resources to take on this challenge right now? If you’re coping with a heavy workload or a difficult relationship, you might focus on maintaining your weight and working out more. Perhaps all at once is too much of a challenge for you and it may seem overwhelming. Do not give up. Start small, the rest will come into place. Make a priority to add in workouts. As you become healthier, start focusing on how you can change your nutrition to really make the difference in heading towards your goal. But do not let life stress deter you from taking a step towards change.

Benefit from your mistakes and use them to increase your weight loss motivation.

Look at what you’ve done before to lose weight or get fitter – and vow to do better. Did you plan to hit the gym at 5 a.m. for your workout routines every day and then find yourself hitting the snooze button instead? Unless something has changed, failed strategies won’t work this time around either. Let your failures MOTIVATE YOU, not discourage you. If one routine didn’t work, well now you know, and move forward. Don’t worry; we are always here to motivate you to push you just a little harder!

Pick a start date for your body makeover

Picking a start day to begin towards your goal is a great way to measure progress. It also doesn’t overwhelm you on days when things are too busy and you have no time to prepare. Prepare by making time to buy the groceries you’ll need and finding child care during boot camp. Plan, plan, plan! Having a start day (such as the first day of camp or challenge) is a great way to measure your successes.

Remember to stay strong and keep moving towards your goal. Allow yourself the time to change.

Contributors: Shape.com

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