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How to Stay Healthy When Stress Overwhelms You

Stress affects all of us very differently. For some, it may mean sleepless nights. For others, it may mean running to the pantry and finding comfort in food. Or, it may mean skipping workouts in order to manage everything else that is going on in your life.

Here are a few tips to help find your balance when stress seems like it will overtake your healthy goals.

No time for healthy eating? Always on the run? Try bringing these snacks with you:

  • almonds in a small bag
  • Protein shake/bar
  • baby carrots, sugar snap peas in a small bag
  • grapes
  • an apple or banana
  • piece of string cheese
  • cut-up celery sticks and cucumber
  • Advocare meal replacements
  • whole wheat tortilla with turkey or chicken

Can’t sleep at night? Stress have you constantly obsessing over the small details of what must get done?

  • Put a pad of paper and pen by your bed. WRITE IT DOWN. If you don’t believe this works, try it. You may end up throwing the list away in the morning or realizing that it was not as big of importance as it seemed at the moment, but it will help you to make a list. Once you make of list, then give yourself permission to relax and fall asleep.
  • Try white noise. Get a white noise machine or point a fan away from the bed.
  • Do not watch t.v. or use the computer for an hour before bed. Relax, make a nightly ritual out of going to bed, reading a little, writing in a journal.
  • Try deep breathing and counting exercises to calm yourself into a more restful nights sleep.

No time to work out? You’re just too busy, right?

  • You have to make exercise non-negotiable. It is the priority. Schedule it into your day like it is an appointment with your boss; you must do it.
  • Once you prioritize, other things will fall down the list of priorities. This is ok. Allow yourself to put you first for part of the day.
  • Break up your workouts throughout the day. Try cardio in the morning and weight lifting while helping the kids with homework at night.
  • Everything is exercise. Take the stairs, park further away, walk instead of drive. It all adds up.

While stress is a constant factor for most, it sometimes can be overwhelming. Do not let a busy life or too many commitments destroy your ultimate goal: a healthier and happier you.

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