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Accept Yourself and Allow Yourself to Change.

Do you know the best way to reach a weight loss/gain goal, a workout goal, or a lifestyle change goal?

Make peace with where you are today.

If you accept yourself for where you are right now, you actually open the door to change. If you criticize or fight with yourself, you can actually prevent yourself from changing. To accept yourself, you must honor and love who you are, at whatever point in your goal process you are at.  Perhaps this concept may confuse you, or you think that accepting yourself now means giving up on your goal.  You may think, “Bu this will make me complacent and I will never reach my goal.” But it’s just the opposite. Making peace with where you are now is the launching pad that gets you where you want to go.

Remember this: What you resist persists. When you become angry or self-critical for carrying excess weight, feel embarrassed about your lack of endurance or strength, or demoralized at how long it will take to reach your goal, you’re fighting with yourself. This stops you from making progress. Your thoughts and attention remain negatively focused on where you are rather than being excited about where you want to go.

Instead, view your journey as: Whatever you focus your attention on grows. So when you attack yourself, your self-depreciation grows. This results in negative behaviors (you know what these are… emotional eating, therapy shopping, skipping workouts, etc.). You stay stuck.

Yet when you focus positive attention on what you want to achieve, and you accept yourself the way you are, your behaviors lovingly reflect the new life you’re creating. You move forward.

You know that you want to achieve a goal – lose weight, gain strength, tone up, gain weight, or build endurance. Great! Make peace with where you are and you will reach your goal more quickly.  Accept where you are and remain focused on where you’re headed. You then become free to change.

For those of you that like to back your thoughts with a powerful, self-affirming exercise, please try the following:

Write a letter to yourself. Breathe easily, relax and write a letter of acceptance to yourself. Remind yourself of the qualities you admire. Tell yourself you are committed to making positive changes. Congratulate yourself for successes already accomplished. Apologize for being hard on yourself. Write, “I love you”. Even if you don’t fully feel this yet, write it anyway because your intention to love yourself is very powerful. Promise to be patient and kind with yourself. Thank yourself for doing the best you can with the resources you currently have.

When you’ve completed your letter put it in a safe place. Re-read it periodically to remind yourself that this is a journey and allow yourself the chance to change.

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