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Motivational Tips to Get You Through a Long Weekend…

or a rut!

Start by doing 1o minutes. If you make the effort to put your workout clothes on and actually get moving, you will do double or triple the time you set out to do. By tricking yourself into just doing the minimum, your realize that you can push yourself harder than you originally had thought.  

Be competitive. Have a husband or friend that is working out harder than you? Try and beat them. Use their motivation to stimulate your routine. Or, compete with yourself. Make a goal to beat your previous time, destination, incline, or repetition. Reward yourself for these goals (in a healthy manner… new running shoes perhaps? A trip to LuluLemon?)

Break up your workouts. If you overtrain, you will become bored with your workout. Remember, everything is exercise. On days off of bootcamp, break up your workouts throughout the day. Take the stairs, add a quick treadmill run, play an intramural sport, go for a hike, or try a new exercise like yoga or pilates. It all adds up!

Listen to yourself. If you are truly run down, take a break and go for a walk. But, trust in yourself to push through laziness. Laziness and being worn down are entirely different. Do not beat yourself up for a missed workout if you are exhausted, either try for a lighter form of exercise or get the rest and nutrients you need and return to your routine the next day. Do NOT berate yourself for missing a workout, but refuse to allow yourself to use it as an excuse to get out of an exercise routine.

Be efficient.  If you have a small amount of time to workout in, maximize the effectiveness of your workout. Cut out some of the repetitions in favor of maximizing moves that will amp up your workout in a shorter period of time.  For example, in lieu of doing a long treadmill climb, pump up the speed for short interval bursts of speed – one minute run, one minute walk.

Contributors: Rebbecca Webber, http://www.prevention.com

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