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Advocare Spark: Camper Testimonials Speak Loud & Clear!

For those of you have attended our nutrition seminars, you understand how important supplementation is to your overall health and wellness.

AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products. We decided in late 2009 to offer these products to our clients and campers because distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine formulate nutritional solutions that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients.

The AdvoCare track record is one of success because they remain focused on what they do best: offering safe and effective nutritional products and providing a compelling business opportunity. We know you are going to buy products campers. AdvoCare has proven science-based products, celebrity non-paid endorsers who recommend AND use their products.

It is easy for us to tout the benefits of these supplements; why not hear it from your fellow campers…

Leah G.
I wanted to send you my testimonial for Spark since after using it for just 2 days, I’m a 100% believer! Between Skinny Jeans classes and half marathon training my body was getting extremely tired and it was becoming hard to motivate myself to run in the mornings.  I tried Spark for the first time before a five mile run and the results were amazing.  I had so much energy that I felt like I could run faster and longer.  In fact, I cut off three minutes from my five mile run that first day without even realizing it.  The best part was that my energy level stayed up all day.

Elaine H.
I have used the Spark, Meal Replacement shakes, and the Vitamin packs from Advocare.  The Spark is really good for me because it tends to give me energy that is critical for me.  I always drink mine around 1:30/2 p.m. so I it never interfered with my sleeping.  The first eight weeks, I really drank it a lot because I was adjusting my eating habits and found I needed something to help me control my desire to eat more. I love the meal replacement shakes too.  My favorite is chocolate, next is vanilla, and then berry.  It is very filling and tends to keep me more satisfied longer than a protein shake.  I like the thickness because it reminds me of a chocolate shake especially when I use cold, cold water.  The vitamin packs were good also.

Carol R.
I was never one to take any type of energy or sports performance product before, during or after a sporting event.  However, that has changed recently.  Early spring 2010 I was introduced to Advocare products.  It was not until my triathlon in June 2010 that I used SPARK and finally realized that the advocare products did make a difference in my performance.  I’ve been competing in triathlons for the past 14 years and always felt extremely fatigued after a race. This year, after drinking Spark for my first triathlon of the season, I experienced a higher energy level and my body did not feel as fatigued.  I took 1st place at the triathlon for my age group and that would not have possible without SPARK.

Can you benefit from supplements? Let us know if we can help suggest something that may take your training to a higher level of success! Click for more information.

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