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What is an Advanced Camp? How Can I Participate?

Anyone wishing to participate in an “advanced camp” needs to have already completed a full boot camp with Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp.

As coaches, we want to make sure all participants have developed a baseline strength level in their muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to avoid injury. Most advanced camp will run during the interim week(s) between full boot camp sessions.  Advanced camps are an excellent opportunity for the MABC coaches to focus on individuals in this smaller group setting; since advanced camps are limited to 20 campers.

These 60 or 90 minute sessions ($20 or $30) are similar to a typical “week four” boot camp session but will tend to be higher in intensity with regard to cardio and resistance training. The programming is more challenging and incorporates complex exercises (adding several moves to one ‘exercise’) and includes longer periods of high intensity circuits followed by slightly longer periods of rest (i.e. Tabatas: 90 seconds ON w/ 30 or 45 seconds OFF). Most of the advanced camp protocol will have campers using heavier weights or more challenging landscapes (i.e. higher step-ups or skipping more steps).

This is a perfect opportunity to try something new, challenging and to keep your boot camp legs about you during an “off” week. Keep your eyes peeled for update “E-Blasts” on Traveling and Bike Advanced Boot Camps! If you are interested in signing up for one of these camps, please do so online, CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

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