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Think Your Way to Be Fit, Confident, and Empowered

Let me share something with you a good friend and mentor shared with me about my personal power to succeed the year I began my professional Figure career. Really think about these words and ponder how they relate to you and your life…

…You are your own computer programmer! You have the ability to write the computer program that will create the person you want to become. You have about 50,000 commands (thoughts) to send to your computer (brain) every day.  If you use the right commands, they will program you to become fit, confident and empowered. Every thought you have is another programming message to your brain instructing it, just like a computer, to tell your body to behave a certain way. The one thing you have total control over is every thought you let enter your head and therefore what you program your brain to tell your body to become. You must program your brain that you are fit in order to become a fit person.

Be aware of how you talk to yourself and what you think to yourself daily. Every thought is a message taking you closer to becoming the person you want to become or farther away from that goal. You are programming yourself and you have total control. Whenever you become aware of a repetitive negative thought or programming message, ask yourself: Are you giving your body the commands it needs to create the program to become the person you want to become? Are you using your 50,000 commands a day to create a fit, confident and empowered person?…

Many professional athletes have conquered this power of thought concept; that is why they have had such great success in their fields. BUT you and I are just as capable of creating what we want through our thoughts.

“You are exactly what you believe and think about all day long. Constantly monitor your thoughts.” – Unknown Author

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