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Pantry Raids Are A Big Hit?

Why in the world would you ever want someone to come into your home and go through your pantry, cupboards, freezers and refrigerators pulling out all the “not so optimal” foods you have stashed away and then have them explain why those foods are not your best choices?

Kind of intimidating right?  Well, you probably wouldn’t ask for this but we at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp have been successfully doing it since 2008.  It is easy for experts or even us as coaches, to sit back and tell you, “you need to eat better, you need to make better food choices.” But it is quite another to KNOW what that means to you and your particular lifestyle. We hear this everyday. So our goal when we initiated our infamous “Pantry Raids” was to directly help you, as campers and clients by consulting with you in your home and discussing what your food choices have been, why you made them and how you can adjust them for yourself and your family for optimal nutrition.

These “Raids” have been a super success.  Any “not so great” opened food items you allow us to take, we will pitch for you and any foods you allow us to take that are unopened, we happily donate to a local food pantry. It is a win/win situation. Along the way over the past few years, we may have snapped a few pictures here and there; take a look or view a pantry raid in progress.

If you are interested in having us come by for a raid, please contact us at 414-881-5348 or at email us at support@MilwaukeeBootCamp.com. We are happy to offer this educational consult service to anyone who thinks they may benefit from our expertise.

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