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24-Day Cleanse Results Are In

In February, Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp (all locations) launched a 24-Day Cleanse challenge. Campers who participated, purchased an Advocare “kit” containing the following: 10 Day Herbal Cleanse, Spark energy and focus drink powder, Omega Plex supplements, Catalyst supplements, Multimineral/vitamin packs and Meal Replacement shake powder.

The goal was to create an environment in your body that allows it to eliminate the excess “stuff” (sugars, processed starchy carbs, etc.) that have a tendency to clog up our intestines and keeps our bodies from working at optimal levels. These also have shown to keep our mid section puffy. It was a super jump start for those who maybe indulged a little too much over the holidays and New Years.

How were the results? Mixed, which is what we expected.

The Cleanse, like any programmed plan, was a little tough to follow. It was well planned out but a few campers struggled with consistency. Those that were able to make the commitment and stuck to it, did well.  The average weight loss was 5 lbs but we had a few campers who lost 8 and 10 pounds.

For a look into the plan, check out the attached 24 Day Challenge Quick Sheet.

With such super feedback, we do plan to launch a second 24-Day Cleanse heading into the summer months so if you are interested, keep your eyes and ears open.

Here are a few camper comments…

…Well, I only lost 5 pounds and have not seen a major change in my measurements, but believe I must have lost something in my midsection because my clothes are fitting better. I was very strict with the diet with the exception of 2 days (a success in itself!) but was only exercising 3-4 days per week for 45 minutes to an hour. I do feel a lot different, though. I cannot believe I have not had coffee in a month and plan to see how long I can go now that I do not have the Spark and Catalyst to help me with energy. Also, I feel like I lost fat. Before Advocare, I was between a size 8 and 10, where an 8 was mostly too tight in the waist and hips, but a 10 was big in the butt and legs. Now I fit better into my size 8 clothes and even bought a size 8 dress, which I have never been able to do because of the sizes of my midsection
and chest.  I am enjoying them and using the Advocare challenge as a jumping off point to continue to my personal goal of being a perfect size 8…

…I felt bloated at first, but after I upped my water, I became VERY regular and that little pooch in my mid section went and stayed away, yeah!…

…The food part was pretty easy to follow, the checklist was very helpful once is was updated. I liked all the food, it was easy since it follow the SMART nutrition packet pretty closely. I lost 4  pounds and few inches but I have tons more energy. Kind of weird, I sleep better too…

…I was not consistent at all, I admit it. The next time we do the challenge I will for sure follow the plan as outlined and think I will see much more success…

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