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SKINNY JEANS and Muffin Top MELT OFF Challenge ~ Sign Up Now!

Do You Have the Skinny Jeans Blues, the “Muffin Top” Flop?Skinny Jean Challenge

Go Down Two Jean Sizes in  Fitness Challenge (and Solution)

No more “muffin top” flopping over pants; good-bye skinny jeans that can only be tugged mid-thigh-high.   Shedding these problems is the goal of the Skinny Jeans and Muffin Top Melt-Off Challenge announced today by Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp (MABC)/A-List Fitness, Inc. owner and fitness coach Catherine Andersen.

The Challenge is a professional fat loss exercise program led by certified coaches and includes metabolic and total body training – two separate protocols of high-intensity cardio bursts and strength and resistance training for maximum results.  Held at a new state-of-the-art fitness facility, the eight-week program (April 19-June 12, 2010) consists of four workout sessions per week (for a total of 32, 45-minute sessions); classes are offered on a variety of days and times (see www.milwaukeebootcamp.com for details).  The jean-size-downsizing fat loss program fee is $499, only $15.59/session.

The Challenge:

  • It all begins at MABC’s new indoor facility, 4170 N. Port Washington Rd, Suite 2, in Glendale.
  • Contenders bring to the facility a pair of jeans (from the closet or newly purchased) they would like to fit into; jeans must be at least two sizes too small.
  • All participants receive a FREE MABC 8-week fitness journal.
  • A photo will be taken with participants trying to pull on their jeans (over a pair of spandex shorts or pants).
  • Jeans will be kept at Milwaukee Adventure Boot Camp indoor facility for ongoing “try-ons.”
  • Participants will be given a free fitness assessment at the time of the “try-on” photo shoot.
  • When a participants jeans fit at the end of the Challenge, they will be entered into a drawing for a free pair of designer jeans.
  • In the end, winners can say, “I can fit into my skinny jeans!”

Those interested in losing TWO PANT SIZES and getting rid of that winter muffin top, can sign up now at www.milwaukeebootcamp.com or by calling 1-881-5FIT (5348). All men and women are welcome, but the challenge will take only 40 contenders, so Andersen encourages signing up without delay.  The sign-up deadline is April 23rd.

“Imagine losing two jean sizes in eight weeks,” said Andersen.  “What better way to kick off summer than by shedding those pounds you’ve been wanting to lose?  Follow this program and you’ll not only have fun but you’ll find success too.”

For more information about the Skinny Jeans and Muffin Top Melt-Off Challenge, visit the challenge registration page or call 414-881-5FIT (5348).

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