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How Are Your Holiday Choices?

Are the fitness and health choices that you are making this holiday season naughty or nice?


How Are Your Holiday FITNESS Choices?



…Missing your workout because you don’t have time.

…To ensure you get a good workout and still enjoy the holiday, get to the gym in the morning when you are less likely to have set plans.

…Having your gravy with a side of turkey.

…Most times, it’s not the food you eat but the condiments you put on them!  If you need to add something extra to your food, try low-cal options like mustard, hot sauce or salsa.

…Overindulging on sides and treats.

…Be cautious of your portions and sandwich your treats between two healthy meals.

…Cutting back on sleep all holiday long.

…It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday rush. But if you don’t get enough rest, you’re more likely to skip a workout and even snack on high-cal treats.

…Skipping workouts because you have to go alone.

…Recruit a friend or family member to stay active with you through the holidays to keep you in check and motivate you.

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