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It it Time for Me to Take Control of the Things in Life I Can Control

I have always seen myself as an average size girl. Every few months I go through phases where I am motivated and excited to get toned and in shape…for some reason this only last a couple of weeks before I am back to my old routine. Two years ago my mom, Maggie, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. This has controlled the way I feel on a daily basis, some days I am dragging and tired and I don’t know why, others I feel angry that I can’t do anything about what has happened to her.

I have deiced it is time for me to take control of the things in life I can control. My appearance and self-confidence are two things I can take charge of. I am using this challenge to strengthen my self-esteem and overcome obstacles that have been weighing me down and keeping me from reaching my full potential.

~ Michelle Horkman, 2009 SLAM BAM Contest 3rd Place

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