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I Am Strong and That Person My Family Can Lean On

“Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius

My journey to becoming a healthier, happier me started when I was looking online for a class that would get me motivated to work hard on getting back in shape. I came across the Slam BAM contest and thought, competition, this will get me going. So, I signed up… and then the very next day thought, I’m crazy no way can I do this, I just won’t go to the information meeting… no harm done. Then, I got a phone call from Amy; she was so excited that I had signed up for this opportunity. So, there is was, I officially had to do this, no way could I back out now, I did not want to be the loser that quit before she even began. I am so glad that Amy encouraged me to start this beginning to a new me.

I think back to why I wanted to start this journey… my mom Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to take control of the things in my life that I had a say in. My health, both mind and body, is a determining factor to what I am going to accomplish in my life. A quote that was sent to me by our coaches, “Assume responsibility for the quality of you own life, “ made me realize I can be the strong woman I am meant to be, I can be the person that never says, I can’t. I need to make it happen. I can’t wait around for someone else or some miracle to do it for me. I am on my way to being this person. I took responsibility to commit myself completely.

My mom, Maggie, is a great inspiration to me, and in my journey she, who has many more things to worry about, has been my biggest cheerleader for me. Cancer is a very strenuous disease not only for the person living it, but also for those who witness day in and day out the hardships carried with cancer. I have struggled to keep my strength, emotionally and physically, for my family. Since I started boot camp, I have earned a new well being that has allowed me to stay strong and to be that person my family can lean on.

I love the fact that since I have started this path, the people around me have become so interested in the activates I am doing, including various exercises and eating habits. It feels great to be able to teach and direct people towards an overall healthy life. I amaze myself by some of the physical activities I accomplished. It’s crazy to think that I ever thought “ no way can I do that.”

Thank you for this amazing journey and I look forward to the future.

~ Michelle Horkman, 2009 SLAM BAM Contest 3rd Place

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