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The Results Are In ….Our #1 Excuse Not to Exercise Is….Not Enough Time

The results of our excuses poll (posted on our web site and in this blog) don’t surprise us. People say things like this all the time, but is it really true? Are you always making excuses about not having time to do good things for yourself? Do you feel stressed and harassed? When I talk to some people about the importance of exercise, they tell me they don’t have time. Have you heard your friends say: “I’d like to relax more/spend more time with my family/start a new hobby, but I don’t have time?” Perhaps you’ve even said this sort of thing yourself – no, surely not!

Looked at objectively, it’s very rarely true. Everyone has the same amount of hours and minutes in the day, and some people manage to do a lot more than others. I use a simple technique to help people realize that this sort of statement is almost always an excuse, not a reason for inaction.

I ask them: “If I gave you 100 pounds/dollars/euros or whatever every time you found the time to exercise, would you exercise more?” The answer to this is “yes” for most people. (You may have to adjust the amount to get a “yes” from some people though).

I then say: “So it has nothing to do with time – it has to do with priority. Being given money for the action increases its priority. After all, giving you money doesn’t increase the amount of time you have in a day, so it shouldn’t make a difference if your statement about lack of time were true.”

We allocate time to activities we like and think are important. What’s important in your life – buying the latest clothes? Watching TV? Catching up with friends? Surfing the web? Exercising?

Think about what is truly important to you in your life and decide if its worth MAKING the time to do it! Exercise can only make your life healthier, happier and longer! Where’s the down side in that?

Adapted from Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivational Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat Removal (via) and “I Don’t Have Time” by Jane Thurnell-Read

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